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Have a great product? Need helping getting it online?

At Social Karma we build online sales funnels that regularly achieve 300% Return on Ad spend.How do we do this? By combining all marketing into one funnel, then optimizing. We generally follow three phases:

Phase 1

Testing phase where we attempt to achieve a 300% ROAS:

One-off payment
minimum funds for ad testing

Phase 2

Once we've achieved our benchmark, it's time to scale:

Sales fee % (300% ROAS guaranteed)
client ad spend

Phase 3

We continue to add sales channels, produce content, and ad spend on Social Karma:

Sales Fee % only

Having a great product is only the beginning. First you have to find a product/market fit

How do we regularly achieve a 300% return on ad spend? By creating your buying persona, creating a sales funnel, testing ads, and then scaling

Don't believe us? Feel free to contact us and we can show you some of our results.

We build online
sales funnels

Think you have a winning product that can sell online? We regularly achieve a return on ad spend of 300%, by using our knowledge of sales funels

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